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A&D Sutherland

Formed by Nature | Built to Last

A & D Sutherland Ltd is the country’s largest supplier of Caithness Flagstone Products. Since 1966 our company has owned and operated Spittal Mains Quarry, now the last remaining active quarry in Spittal, home of the Spittal Subgroup Caithness Flagstone.

ISO quality
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Patterns and Colour

Caithness Stone comes in various colours and can be combined to form appealing but subtle contasts and patterns. On the right, are four of the most popular, and above the paving in-situ.

Standard Blue-Grey

Castle Blend paving slabs

Open Colour

Spittal Blend paving slabs

Cut from the Quarry to Order

Why is Caithness (Flag)Stone Popular

  • the history and heritage: Caithness Stone has been available as a commercial product since the 16th century, and has a global reach
  • it is a natural construction product, formed by nature over millions of years
  • the stone’s durability is more like granite than a typical flagstone and can last in situation for decades, even centuries
  • the inherent flexural strength allows for more thinner and therefore more cost-effective sizes to be used
  • the stone performs very well in all weathers and extreme temperatures
  • it is non-porous which means that air, water, salt and other compounds cannot pass through it and damage the structure of the stone
  • aesthetic qualities: every stone is unique and is available in different natural colours
  • there are no stock products. Everything is custom-made, allowing architects complete freedom to design with Caithness Stone
  • due to our capacity and skilled workforce, we can supply the largest and most demanding projects, with minimal lead times
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“ Formed by nature | Built to last!”

"Each stone hand-hewn from the earth and cut specific to your specification"


+44 (0) 1847 841239


+44 (0) 1847 841239

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+44 (0) 1847 841239